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Wode CD dispenser
Wode CD dispenser
Wode CD dispenser

Wode CD dispenser

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Items inside the package:                                          

1. 1 x Dispenser - without Wode disinfectant

2.  1 x charging cable

3.  1 x user manual - in English and Chinese

4. 1 x Mounting hook and plate (for wall mounting)

Instructions of use:

1. Fill the dispenser unit with Wode disinfectant (max 360ml of liquid). 

2. Wait for 10 minutes for cotton filter to be fully soaked. 

2. Press the power button. With white light on, the product will operate in high output mode. Low output mode can be selected by pressing the power button. Low output mode is indicated by blue light.

3. Place hands or items to disinfect within 0 - 6 cm range below nozzle. Wode disinfectant will be dispense to disinfect.

4. Press the button again to switch off the product.

5. If the product is on standby mode when not in use. 

Battery indicator:

White light stationery: 100% fully charged

Orange light: Low battery, unit requires charging

Product specifications:

Input voltage: 5V

Frequency: 108KHZ

Current: 0.8A

Induction distance: 4~6 cm

Single induction liquid output: 1g (high mode), 0,6g (low mode)

Size: 99.5mm*78mm*195mm

Volume: 400ml

Weight: 225g

Installation method: Wall hanging/ Table top