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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions on WODE HOCl disinfectants

1. How many series of disinfectant do WODE HOCl carry?

We have 7 series, namely the Mum & Baby, Hand & Body, Pets, Air, Fogging, GP, GP+.

2. How do I use WODE HOCl products?

Spray directly on hand or skin surface and rub gently. No rinsing is required. Spray on common bacteria accumulation areas like toys, play pen, chairs, stroller, toilet seat cover, potty seat chopping board, knives, etc. Wipe away residues after 10 minutes for metal surfaces.

3. Where can I purchase WODE HOCl products?

You can purchase WODE HOCl products on You can also purchase our products through our local distributors – Japalang, Watsons. Follow our Instagram to find us at events or pop-up stores. 



4. I am interested to distribute and sell WODE HOCl products. Who can I contact?

Please click on this application link to apply for and be considered as a retailer for our products.

5. What are the ingredients used to produce WODE HOCl disinfectants?

The raw materials are iodised salt and reverse osmosis pure water. Through the process of controlled electrolysis of iodised salt and reverse osmosis pure water, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is produced. HOCl is the germicidal ingredient in WODE HOCl disinfectant due to its strong reducing power. Know more about HOCl in this link below.  

Click here to learn more about WODE HOCl .                           

6. Does WODE HOCl works as it claims? Does WODE HOCl helps in the prevention of hand, foot, and mouth disease?

WODE HOCl disinfectant is tested in various laboratories in Singapore and overseas to be effective against bacteria, viruses, and germs. 

7. Are there any harmful effects if WODE HOCl comes into contact with my eyes or mouth?

The ingredients used in WODE HOCl  disinfectants are iodised salt and reverse osmosis pure water. Thus, there are no harmful effects even if WODE HOCl comes into contact with our skin, eyes or mouth. The safety of WODE HOCl products was put to further testing and parameters investigated were within the Singapore Food Agency’s requirements for Mineral / Spring / Drinking Water Quality. While the product is certified as safe for consumption, it is not meant for drinking purpose.

8. How often can I apply the disinfectant spray?

Being non-toxic, harmful chemicals free and alcohol free, you can use it whenever necessary to disinfect your hands, surfaces or environment against bacteria and viruses. Product is non-irritating and non-drying for constant use.

9. Can I use WODE HOCl during pregnancy?

Yes, WODE HOCl is safe for use during pregnancy as our ingredients are non-toxic, free of harmful chemicals, alcohol free, fragrance free and non-irritating. It is also non- flammable to prevent any hazards.

10. Can I use WODE HOCl if my skin is sensitive?

 Yes, WODE HOCl is non-irritating to skin as our ingredients are non-toxic, free of harmful chemicals, alcohol free, fragrance free. Even with frequent and prolong use, it will not cause itch or redness, unlike conventional alcohol sanitizer which may cause dry/ cracked skin.

11. Where is WODE HOCl produced?

WODE HOCl is founded by Leben Wasser (S) Pte Ltd and manufactured in Singapore.

12. How can I keep WODE disinfectants?

Store disinfectants in original WODE HOCl packaging for best results. When using eco-friendly and economical refill packs, fill them to original WODE HOCl 20ml, 80ml or 250ml spray bottles and keep them in cool, dry places. Do not expose products to heat or leave it in sun. Do not pour excess liquid into refill pack to avoid contamination.

13. Why is WODE HOCl disinfectant so expensive as compared to other sanitizers? How many sprays can WODE HOCl 20ml disinfectant produce?

WODE HOCl 20ml disinfectant spray is $5.90. It produces approximately 350 sprays which converts to ~80-87 times hand disinfections on the go if you use 4 sprays per hand disinfection. It is 7 cents per 4 sprays. For greater savings, you can purchase the 500ml refill pack. It is 1.5 cents per 4 sprays. 

14. How can I refill WODE HOCl 20ml disinfectant spray?

You can purchase the 500ml refill pack and fill them into the 20ml spray bottle. Please check out the video guide below.



Mum and Baby vs Hand and Body

What is the difference between the Mum & Baby vs Hand & Body?

Mum & Baby is suitable for age 2 and below. Hand & Body is suitable for age 2 and above. Mum & Baby series is gentle yet as effective as Hand & Body series. They are each specially formulated for different applications.


GP & GP+

What is the difference between GP versus GP+?

The concentration of free active chlorine is the main difference between GP (500ppm) and GP+ (650ppm). Both GP and GP+ disinfectants are included in NEA’s interim list of household products effective against coronavirus. NEA Link. They are for different applications as the concentration required for disinfection is dependent on bacterial concentration. 

Do I use GP or GP+ for household cleaning?

GP 330 disinfectant is adequate for general household disinfecting and cleaning.



Are there any harmful effects on my pet if WODE Pets disinfectant comes into contact with my pet’s eyes, mouth or wound or my hands?

The ingredients used in WODE Pets disinfectants are iodised salt and reverse osmosis pure water. Thus, there are no harmful effects even if WODE HOCl comes into contact with your pet’s skin, eyes, mouth or wounds. It is also safe for owners of Pets and children even if WODE Pets comes in contact with our skin.

Can I use WODE Pets on my pet which is pregnant?

Yes, WODE Pets disinfectant is safe for pregnant Pets.

Can my pet use WODE Pets if it has sensitive skin or open wounds?

WODE Pets disinfectant will not irritate pets’ skin or cause pain to any open wounds as it is very gentle. Furthermore, HOCl in WODE can help to disinfect wounds and aid in its healing process. HOCl can effectively kill bacteria or viruses hidden in pets’ fur, preventing itch, allergies, or infections. No rinsing is required.


WODE Air Bottle Humidifier

Please click on the link below for the online manual (English) of the WODE Air Bottle Humidifier. The manual covers operating instructions, cleaning and maintenance, common troubleshooting, and warranty information.

WODE Air Bottle manual


Structured water system (LW001US)

When would you know the item would be delivered and installed for LW001US Structured water system?

Our customer service would contact you within 3 working days and arrange for the delivery and installation.



Do you have an instalment/giro plan?

There is no instalment/giro plan available. For credit card users, you may purchase it through your credit card and contact your bank to give you an instalment after purchase. * Note: You will need to check with your bank that issue the credit card to ensure they have such service for you before purchasing.

What are the modes of payment for your online store?

 We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Grabpay.


Collection and Shipping

Do you allow walk-in collection?

In view of the current covid-19 situation, we are sending all orders by courier. There is no walk-in collection option at our office.

Shipping Policy

Once the payment is received, we will arrange to ship out your order within 1-3 working day and you should receive it within 3-6 working days after shipping. You will receive an email with the tracking number after the order is shipped. Should the product ordered is out of stock, we will inform you the earliest estimated delivery date. Currently, WODE HOCl online store only ship in Singapore.


Cancellation / Exchange / Refund Policy


Once your order is placed, we will begin the fulfilment process in the next 1-3 working day. After an order is fulfilled, we are unable to make any changes. However, if you have just placed your order and need to cancel it, please contact us at and we will do our best to assist you. A gift code of your net purchase value will be issued and sent to your email for future purchase. The gift code will be valid for 1 year.


Please inspect your order upon receiving and contact us immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, so that we can rectify the mistake. We hope you are happy with your WODE HOCl products. We will only accept exchanges in cases of manufacturer's defect, damaged items or wrong items received. Please contact us at within 7 days of receive date for exchange or replacement.

Refund Policy

We do not accept returns due to hygiene or safety reasons. In case of change of mind regarding WODE HOCl products, our store will issue a credit gift voucher of your net purchase value when your order is cancelled. The credit gift code will be valid for 1 year.  


More Questions?

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