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Collection: Mum & Baby Disinfectant Spray

WODE Disinfectant Spray is produced through the process of controlled electrolysis which yields a high % of HOCI. HOCI, similar to our immune system's "natural disinfectant", enhances the effectiveness of an external disinfectant.    

This series is suitable for children below 2 years old.

Ingredients:  Reverse Osmosis Pure Water and lodised Salt.    

Directions of use:  Spray directly on hand or skin surface and rub gently. No rinsing required. 

Targeted Areas: Baby's hands, legs, Teether, Pacifier, Toys, Baby Pram, Bedding, Car seat, Mum's hands, Baby's room, General spray in environment, Areas where baby frequently touch, etc.

Product of Singapore.

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